Charter Board and Members

Corowa was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Albury, under the leadership of President Harold Johnson, Dig’s special representatives Doug Thompson and Horrie Harrison. Local liaison contact was Rupert Grace; our first Secretary.


The Charter dated seventeenth day of May, 1939 was presented to W E Sargood on the 10th of July, 1939 by District Governor Angus Mitchell of Melbourne, who later became the first Australian President of Rotary International.


It was Rotary International Club No 5035.


The Charter Board was:



Vice President



Sergeant at Arms





W.E. Sargood

E.A. Meldrum

L.R. Grace

W.C. Thompson

A.G.T. Phillips

P.W. Pritchard

R.W.E. Fraser



Livestock Grazing


Banking Government

Banking Commercial

Boots & Shoe Retailing


Mechanical Engineering

Livestock Marketing

The other charter members were:

W.T. Easdown

Horace Fraser

Frank Galbraith

H.F. Grimmond

J.S. Graham

E. Harrison

R.B. Herrin

D.E. Kemp

A.C. Leslie

James Lumby

A.A. McBride

C.H. MacKnight

W.J. Oswald

R. Ross-Edwards

W.M. Strong



Real Estate Agency

Recreations - Racing

Municipal Govt - Electrical Services


Groceries Retail

Jewellery Retail

Municipal Govt - Town Clerk

Newspaper Publishing

Wheat Growing

Building Construction


Cordial Manufacture

Religion - Anglican

Law Practice - General


Charter Board and Member Profile:


  • William (Bill) E Sargood owned Quat Quata Station on Albury Road
  • Dr E.A. (Count) Melbrum, was the local dentist who had gone to America in 1936 to get his degree.
  • Rupert Grace was the Commonwealth Bank manager
  • W.C. Thompson was the Commercial Bank manager
  • Ambrose (Amby) Phillips owned the local shoes shop, a Rotarian who travelled overseas a lot and most of the early banners on our stands were obtained by him.
  • Percy Pritchard, owned the Terminus Hotel, on the corner of Sanger and Edwards Streets, (now holiday accomodation).  This is where the club held the meetings, some lasting until midnight.
  • R.W.E Fraser, garage owner and local agent for Chevrolet and later GMH.
  • W.J. Easdown was the local public accountant, who practiced in the old Bank of NSW building at 1 Sanger Street, now Easdown House.
  • Horry Fraser, real estate agent and uncle to local real estate agent John Fraser of Fraser Grantham.
  • Frank Galbraith was a stock agent and involved in the local race club.
  • Hubert Grimmond worked for the local council and was the Fire Brigade Captain.  The Fire Station was then on the corner of Mary and Sanger Streets.