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Upcoming Speakers

Listed below are our upcoming speakers and weekly program, if you are interested in hearing any of the speakers please contact us via email or by phoning 0499 878 529.


March 6th - BBQ Social Night
March 13th - Conference report

March 20th - Community Gardens
March 27th - Combined Meeting with Rutherglen at Chocolate Factory

Stage 1 of Whitehead Street Wetlands Opened

The Corowa community braved the wet weather on the evening Monday December 4th to celebrate the completion of stage 1 of the Whitehead Street, Corowa Wetlands Project.  


The works include planting of mixed local woodland vegetation, installation of shelters, improvements to tracks and drainage structures, the installation of interpretive signage and a bird hide.


The works were done as a result of grants received by the Rotary Club of Corowa, firstly a Community Grant from Federation Council are part of the Murray Wetland Carbon Storage Project, which is a partnership between Murray Local Land Services (LLS) and the Murray Darling Wetlands Working Group Ltd. (MDWWG), funded by the Australian Government, and with support from Federation Council and the Rotary Club of Corowa.  The Club also contributed significant funds through its various fundraising activities.


Whitehead Street Wetland is a biodiversity hotspot, showcasing a range of diverse ecosystem types including grey box woodlands and seasonal wetlands which are dominated by billy buttons, listed as protected in NSW.  They provide rich habitats for species living on, in and around water, including the threatened brolga, commonly seen at Whitehead Street Wetland.


After a BBQ dinner provided by the Rotary Club of Corowa, Corowa South Public School students entertained everyone with a performance of the Sloane's Froglet song with assistance from local musician Geoff Wright.  The song was written by Charles Sturt University’s Dr Alexandra Knight, with help from students from four Corowa primary schools, and describes where Sloane's Froglets like to live and how they behave. Sloane’s Froglets are unique to the Corowa area.


The evening was finished off with a frog talk by Dr Alexandra Knight and a look at the animals which are residing in the water. It is hoped that the event will make the community aware of the importance of wetlands and encourage the community to use this special place in the heart of Corowa.



The event was held by Murray Darling Wetlands Working Group and Murray Local Land Services with support from the Rotary Club of Corowa and Federation Council.

District Governors Partners Charity

Each year the our District Governor's partner selects a charity for which clubs raise funds.  This year's charity is Rural Aid.

Weekly Bulletin

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Below are the dates of upcoming events we have on our calendar

  • April 7th - Federation Market
  • June  - Changeover Dinner (actual date TBA)